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Drive E

Hampton to Blackbutt via Nukinenda Station.

Download a PDF brochure;
GPX file (for GPS); KMZ file (for Google Earth).

One way travel time – 2 hours.

Distance: Hampton to Blackbutt 63 km one way.

This drive was re-assessed in August 2015 in a Mitsubishi Pajero.

The trail is on public roads, mostly gravel or formed earth.
Some are in poor condition.
A high clearance vehicle or 4WD is recommended.
Leave gates as you find them.
Warning: Undertake this drive at your own risk.
Conditions change unexpectedly.
Routes may be untrafficable after storms and floods.
Beware of stock on unfenced roads. 
GPS directions may be unreliable.
Mobile phones may be out of range.
Odometer readings may vary by 0.5 km between vehicles.

A high clearance vehicle or 4WD is essential beyond Waterhole Gully Homestead. 

Zero your trip meter at the Hampton Visitor Information Centre. 

0 Leave the car park and head north on the New England Highway. 

You are 715 m above sea level. The New England Highway forms the Great Dividing Range watershed. Water from the west of the highway flows eventually into the Murray-Darling and from the east into the Brisbane River. Softwood pine plantations border the road. Mostly pinus patula and radiata. They take about 30 years to mature.  

11.3 Crows Nest town. Last fuel before Blackbutt.

Pub, supermarket, coffee shops, newsagent, historical village, local arts and crafts shop, etc. 

12.3 Turn off the Highway past the pub on to Emu Creek Rd. Signed to Blackbutt. 

12.7 On the left is Toowoomba Regional Council service centre

Formerly the Crows Nest Shire Council office. Award winning architecture and acquisitive art and sculpture on display during office hours.

13.9Straight ahead. (Back Creek Rd on right)

Winery on left. You are now on Pierces Creek Rd. 

15.8Rocky Dip on right.

Cattleyards and dip. Bird Trail site N9 (see Bird Trail brochure).

16.6 Continue straight ahead. 

Anduramba Road on the right is closed past the Esk/Toogoolawah turn off.

17.6 Continue straight ahead. Jones Gully Rd on left.

20.0 Turn right on to Middle Road. Sign to Anduramba,  Esk, Toogoolawah. 

21.9Do not turn left on to Vonhoff Rd. 


22.6 Creek

Beautiful natural Bunya Pines in vine scrub.

26.4 Turn left in to McGreevy Rd towards Nukinenda (Esk and Toogoolawah to the right). Gravel.

End of bitumen

27.5 Take right hand fork, signposted Nukinenda, Silverton and Milford Rocks. 

31.5 Humped grid. 

You are now in Nukinenda Station. Unfenced road.

33.1 Do not take Silverton turn on left. 

34.1 Grid. 

35.3 Grid. 

Some leucaena, a nitrogen-rich perennial, planted in rows for intermittent cattle browsing.

36.6 Do not take `Lindhurst' to right. 

36.6 Grid. Do not take `Milford Rocks'. 

37.2 Grid. 

37.8 Cross Nukinenda Creek.

Bird life. 

38.1 Take left fork at Y junction.

Nukinenda Station homestead is on your right. (Rural Property No. 1036)

38.4 Grids around stockyards. 

39.5 Grid. Deer fencing begins on right near the dam. 

40.3 Steep incline. 

41.3Waterhole Gully Homestead straight ahead. Turn left in to Waterhole Gully Rd. 

42.1 On left, dam with lilies.

Bird life. Quarry on right.

42.3 Take left fork. Right fork is a private road.

43.3 Grid. 

43.9 Grid. 

Sign on tyre "Caution Cattle". Massive ironbarks and gums. Road follows creek. Deer park on left.

44.5 Beautiful dam. 

Look out for  the Bicentennial National Trail markers.

44.8 Grid. 

Dam with bullrushes and nearby trees. Excellent birding site.

45.8 Top of the hill, take right fork.

Views to the Jimna and northern ranges.

46.4 Grid. Creek to the right, go round old windmill and tank to the left. 

46.9 Large dam on right. 

48.2 Grid at top of hill. Shed down to the right.

48.5 Deer fencing on right. 

49.3 Extensive views south. (Too narrow to stop.)

49.6Property on right, "Wayta Buggary." 

Rural Property No. 1128


50.6 Steep rocky pinch. 

50.9 Begin steep descent. Engage 4wd and lowest gear. Numerous "whoaboys".

Hoop pine in Benarkin State Forest to the north.

52.2 Washouts after wet weather, rocky road

52.6 End steep grade down. Emu Creek crossing. 

Concrete spillway, but check depth and speed of water.

52.8 Beaut picnic spot on the left along the creek.

Very picturesque, smooth rocks for kids, small fish. 

53.1 Start rough, steep climb.

Engage 4WD and lowest gear.

54.1 Do not take Spelling Gully Rd to left. This becomes private property at 1.9 km up the hill! 

54.2 Googa Googa Creek crossing. Firm rock base under the water.

54.3 Gate.

55.1 Gate.

55.2 Creek crossing. Waterhole Gully Rd ends. Turn left on to Wilson Rd at T junction. 

55.6 Grid. 

56.4 Truvalle Station. 

You are now travelling through a fauna sanctuary and a Droughtmaster cattle stud.

58.9Straight on. (Cherry Creek Rd to right.)

Red volcanic soils. Avocados on both sides, 

60.0 Turn left into Ogilvie Road. 

60.3 Turn right to Blackbutt at T junction.

Alternative: Turn left to return to Crows Nest via Pierces Creek Rd.


Hydroponic farm. Macadamia nut plantation.

63.0 Blackbutt town.



Wayta Buggery
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