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Hampton Bird Trail

A short loop from Hampton Visitor Centre.

The trail

A short loop from the Hampton Visitor Information Centre, south to the Geham National Park, around via Merritts Creek Road, back along New England Highway to Hampton National Park. 

Total distance: 28 km. Best Sites: H2, H4


Hampton Visitor Information Centre
8623 New England Highway, Hampton, Qld Map 

H1 Geham National Park

Formerly the Geham Forest Reserve Scientific Area
Access:3 km south along New England Hwy towards Toowoomba, turn left into Mt Luke Rd, after 3km left in Aberdein Rd (old S2 Bird Trails sign) and park at the corner of Zeller Rd.
[27° 23' 26.2"S, 152° 2' 18.9”E]
Habitat: Native forest with Sydney Blue Gum, Blackbutt, and Tallowwood. Heavily infested with lantana, some privet.
Birds of interest: Spotted Pardalote, Lewin’s Honeyeater, Eastern Whipbird, Torresian Crow.


H2 Merritts Creek Road

Access: Aberdein Rd across Mt Luke Rd to cross New England Hwy into Merritts Ck Rd, continue 9 km to powerlines over the road just past the end of the pine plantation.
[27° 18' 25.0"S 152° 2' 27.7"E]
Habitat: Wooded road reserve. Remnant vine scrub.
Birds of interest: Speckled Warbler, Brown-headed Honeyeater, White-throated Honeyeater, Grey Fantail.

H3 Hampton National Park

3.9 Hectare former Forest Reserve.
Access: Continue north, turn right, and right again into New England Hwy towards Toowoomba. After 6km left into Munro Rd, right into Forest Drive, 1.2 km to  end of Forest Dr (junction with bitumened part of McMullen Rd - not signed). The park  is a triangle stretching north, on the western side of the unmade part of McMullen Rd. (Please do not trespass in neighbouring properties.)
[27° 21 8.8"S 152° 4' 29.2"E]
Habitat: Tall open forest heavily infested with lantana.
Birds of interest: Satin Bowerbird, Red-browed Finch


H4 Margaret Lloyd Environment Park

Access: Continue south, turn right into Wilkes Rd, about 400m to old E7 Bird Trails sign.
[27° 21' 18"S 152° 4' 13"E]
Habitat: Tall open forest infested with lantana and privet.
Birds of interest: Brown Thornbill, Rufous Whistler, Satin Bowerbird.


Continue to Highway, turn south to Visitor Centre

December 2015

Download a 4-page brochure with the North, East and Hampton Trails and a bird list.



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