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Mapping Services

Google Maps or the Toowoomba Regional Council mapping service may be useful if you can not find the street or road you want in the maps above.

Google Maps 

Click to open Google maps

These offer street maps, a route planner and a locator for urban businesses. There is a choice of map view or satellite view, but the images are not updated in real time, and may be several months or years old.

Your search address needs to identify the location uniquely. You usually need the postcode or State in the address. Not all addresses are recognised by Google, especially in rural areas.

You may search by

  • Street address: e.g 19 Curnow St, Crows Nest, Qld
  • Locality: e.g Hampton, 4352
  • Feature: e.g.Mount Perseverance, Palmtree, Queensland
  • Business name: e.g.Bits and Bobs, Charlotte Street, Crows Nest, Queensland

TRC online mapping system (TRMAPS)

Click to open the TRC online mapping system

By using Toowoomba Regional Council's online mapping system you can access information about your community and council services. TRMAPS is made up of four distinct map themes under which you can easily find the information you are seeking. These themes are:

  • Community services - for facilities available to the community of the Toowoomba region. Features include libraries, off leash parks, council service centres. 
  • Infrastructure - services provided by and assets maintained by Toowoomba Regional Council: sewer, water and drainage pipe locations, contour information.
  • Land and property - maps are found in this section with information on cadastre, roads, and administrative boundaries. Features include a full suite of search and discover tools.
  • TRC Planning Scheme Maps - access to Toowoomba Regional planning scheme.