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The Haden district was first settled one-hundred and twenty-five years ago. As the early pioneers opened their selections, the need for schools, churches, halls and railway was soon apparent. Haden township was a thriving centre in the early 1900s, with 2 pubs, 3 grocer shops, butcher shop, Queensland National Bank - and a racecourse. Haden State School was officially opened on May 20, 1912, and first known as Wahoon State School.


Haden 4353Map is 45 km north of Toowoomba


Named after Alice Elizabeth Ruth Paget (née Haden).

Originally a railway station name first used from June 1912. Alice was the second wife of Walter Trueman Paget (1854-1930) farmer and politician, Secretary for Railways 1908-15. Previously known as Wahoon, aboriginal for scrub turkey.

Wahoon is the aboriginal name for the Australian Brush-turkey. Scrub turkeys were common in the dense vine scrub of that time. Very little of the scrub remains, but a monument to the turkey was erected in 2002.




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