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On a north-easterly spur of the Great Dividing Range at an elevation of 650 - 750 metres, Ravensbourne still contains remnants of the original "Cedar Scrub", worked in 1860s by timber cutters. Early gold prospectors also sought wealth at Bunkers Hill.

In 1889, Ravensbourne was opened for selection with 40 acre blocks plus a half-acre house allotment in the village located alonf Post Office Road, Ravensbourne, 4352Map e.

This American village settlement scheme was trialled here, but proved unsuccessful. Landholders preferred to live on their selection. The "village" in Post Office Road still remains although the school, post office and general store no longer operate.


The rich volcanic soils once supported numerous dairies, piggeries and vegetable farms. Now avocados, persimmons, kiwi fruit and olives, flower farms, and new forestry woodlot plantings provide patterned landscapes alongside kikuyu grazing properties.

The beautiful natural landscape and vistas from the eastern escarpment, the Piccabeen palm groves of Ravensbourne National Park, and the rugged scenery of Lake Cressbrook offer opportunities for bushwalking, boating, fishing, birdwatching and picnicking.


Ravensbourne, 4352Map It is 45 km north-east of Toowoomba.



From an original pastoral holding and creek taken up by a man named Raven.

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