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Events in the Crows Nest District

Find an event in list view

Use the Browser Search Box (CTRL + F)
[Android Phone: Menu .. Find in page]

Add an event in list view

  1. Select the  green button  at the top of the entry form.
  2. Enter the event title: the name of the event.
  3. Select the From date and the To date (usually the same, unless a multi-day event). Use the drop-down calendar.
  4. All day is ticked.
    If not all day, remove the tick.
    From: select the start time
    To: select the estimated finish time
  5. Calendar: select the calendar type from the dropdown (Business, Organisation, etc..).
  6. Who: enter the phone number, email or Facebook page of a contact person/organisation. (If the contact's details are not given, the entry will be deleted.)
  7. Where: enter the location, (preferably an address that will come up on a Google Map).
  8. Description (you can put a non-profit web address here if needed).
awardees 2016
Australia Day awards 2016
Community United
Crows Nest Day 2016


Large Screen

If you are using a large screen, you may prefer to use the Calendar in Year View.

Calendar year