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Reushle Cottage

100 years old, now home of the Hampton VIC.


The colonial cottage was dismantled from its original site in Post Office Road, Ravensbourne, some 15 km away, by a team of Community Jobs Plan (CJP) participants (unemployed being retrained). It was transported piece by piece to its present site. from its original site Ravensbourne, in mid 2003, to its present site here in Chapman Park, 8623 New England Highway, Hampton, QldMap

It was then reconstructed using many of the old-style building techniques. Works were completed in August 2003 and on the 13th of September 2003 the Centre was officially opened.


The interior floors are tallowwood and are the original floors from the house.


The wall framing is also original tallow­wood. The interior walls are locally grown hoop pine, again salvaged from the house. The finish on the walls is linseed oil and tur­pentine.


There are two windows from the original building now located on the south west wall of this building. The rest of the windows were sourced from timber yards to match. The windows from the old house were made of silky oak and Queensland red cedar.



This roof is new. Some of the original roof trusses from the house and packing shed have been re-used together with new ones.

Kitchen Annexe

Located at the rear of the main building the kitchen contains the original stove which is over 100 years old. It was found to be too small for the family and removed from the house and stored in the shed in parts. As part of the project it has been restored. Other found objects from the site are displayed here including a belt driven pulley which doubles as a doorstop and some photos and history. The small room off to the side was added to the house and used as a storeroom.


The fretwork on the verandah is original, but the hand rail and steps are new. The seats out the front are from the original shed on the property and were split and shaped with an adze. The wheels are from a spray vat. The old toilet was actually the second toilet since the house was built. It was added in the 1940s. Only one stump has survived from the old house and is now located under the ramp.


The door to the storeroom is an original door with original doorknob and lock. The main desk is a newly built piece of furniture but the original roofing iron has been reused as a feature. The old table is from Stanthorpe. It was used as a bench to make wooden broc­coli boxes. This table was kindly donated by Ron Sleep. 


cottage then 325gw
The cottage at Ravensbourne
cottage rebuild 325gw
Under construction
cottage workers
The workers