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Spring in the High Country

On the crest of the Great Dividing Range, the High Country in spring is the perfect place to visit with someone special, get close to nature with a picnic at one of our National Parks or Lakes. Book your perfect spring getaway now.

A weekend away

With Southern Queensland Country as your guide.

Where to stay

Accommodation. Quiet and friendly country hospitality at B&Bs, cottages, the local motel or country pub.
Or get closer to nature with your caravan or tent.

Where to eat

Buy a meal or cook your own. Cafés, hotel, takeaways, supermarket.
Enjoy our wine and local produce: olives, berries, fruit and vegetables.

What to do

Activities and attractions. Antiques, museums, horse riding. 

Arts and crafts. Admire the work of our many local artists and craftsmen. Visit the art gallery for something unique.

Clothing, accessories, gifts. Shoes, flowers, beads, op shops. Find something for yourself or to take home for a friend.

Catch a fish in Lake Cressbrook 

Gardens and nurseries. Check out the natives at the Community Nursery. Ask the volunteers for advice.

If you bring the kids: There are playgrounds in many of the local parks, Find a safe place to ride a bike. The playground at Lake Cressbrook is brilliant. Skelly reserve has a skateboarding rink.

Markets. Meet the locals and buy local craft, wines, cakes, jams and produce,. Summer



Natural Attractions

National Parks. Ravensbourne, Crows Nest Falls

Local Parks. Lake Cooby, Lake Perseverance, Lake Cressbrook. 

Bird Trails. The richness of the bird fauna is a result of the wide range of habitats in the area.

Horse and Bike Trails. Bicentennial National Trail

Drives and Walks. From short walks to all day hikes.

Soft 4WD Trails. Adventure on country roads.

Motorcycle Routes. These are also great car drives.

picnic in Hartmanns Park 325gw
spring days - picnic in the park
spring flowers
enjoy the flowers



welcome flowers
floral welcome
Perseverance dam
explore the district
Bottlebrush pool
swim in Crows Nest National Park